Barbagia Enduro Tour Sardinia Orgosolo

Package Features

Available all year round, dates on request
3 days - 2 nights
Sardinia, Barbagia, Orgosolo, Oliena, Cala Gonone, Supramonte

Tour Summary

Our most requested and appreciated tour, an adventure that will let you discover "real" Sardinia and its traditions, its hospitality, its flavors and its natural beauties ... from the mountains of Barbagia to the sea of the Gulf of Orosei.

Barbagia Enduro Tour Sardinia Orgosolo
Barbagia Enduro Tour Sardinia Orgosolo
Barbagia Enduro Tour Sardinia Orgosolo
Barbagia Enduro Tour Sardinia Orgosolo
Barbagia Enduro Tour Sardinia Orgosolo
Barbagia Enduro Tour Sardinia Orgosolo
Barbagia Enduro Tour Sardinia Orgosolo
Barbagia Enduro Tour Sardinia Orgosolo
Barbagia Enduro Tour Sardinia Orgosolo
Barbagia Enduro Tour Sardinia Orgosolo
Barbagia Enduro Tour Sardinia Orgosolo
Barbagia Enduro Tour Sardinia Orgosolo

Tour itinerary


The itinerary includes a wide and varied selection of trails in the immense territory of Orgosolo (we are in Barbagia, in the heart of Sardinia).

After an enthralling morning along the paths of the shepherds and animals, climbing up dry rivers and steep uphills (that we call firebreaks), stopping in some springs and then resuming on mule tracks and narrow guided paths, we stop for the lunch break scheduled for around 13:30 .

After an hour's break, depart again for the afternoon along the best and famous trails of Orgosolo until we reach the "Fundales" area, at the foot of the Supramonte Mountains.

In this area you can face some very steep and endless uphills and from the peaks enjoy a beautiful view over the whole Barbagia. At the end of the afternoon we return to Orgosolo facing some technical and challenging paths used in the past by the shepherds.

During the day there will be some optional Hard and Extreme sections.

Day 1: Enduro tour on the trails of the shepherds of Orgosolo
Panoramic trail with views of the Barbagia.


This beautiful and varied itinerary includes a journey of about 150 kilometers: starting from Orgosolo to get to the village of Cala Gonone, a characteristic sardinian village on the sea.

Early morning departure towards Urzulei, Ogliastra country bordering the territory of Orgosolo; we can face different roads and trails and choose the type and level of difficulty according to our energies and skills. Worthy of note is a beautiful and very old trail for carts dug into the rock overlooking the river, which we will face during the morning.

After crossing the territory of Urzulei we arrive at the end of the morning at the Jenna Silana pass for a break, and continue towards Cala Gonone where we arrive after 13:00 for a well-deserved lunch break on the sea (of course it is possible to eat fresh fish!).

After lunch and a little 'relax start to close the ring in the direction of Orgosolo: we go up from the village of Cala Gonone along paths full of stones that make us immediately dispose of lunch, to fall on the other side towards the town of Dorgali .

Then we cross the beautiful territory of Oliena to enter the countryside of Orgosolo, we come to the farm at the end of the afternoon tired and tested, but satisfied by one of the best itineraries in Sardinia.

Day 2: tour from the barbagia to the sea, epic view in Cala Gonone
Epic view of the Gulf of Orosei during our arrival in Cala Gonone


On this day, we will visit one of most famous and impressive areas of Sardinia: the Supramonte. We will depart from Orgosolo first thing in the morning and we will visit the untouchable limestone massif where bandits and shepherds used to live until a few decades ago.

In the Supramonte you can visit many key elements of Sardinia’s history, like old sheepfolds that belonged to the “Su Pinnetti” shepherds of Orgosolo, vertical karst chasms that are hundreds of metres deep (“Su Disterru”) and “S’elihe Tureddu”, the famous oak tree that grows inside a huge stone.

Late afternoon we will return to Orgosolo, tired but satisfied after visiting one of the most beautiful areas of Sardinia.

To greet Sardinia it is possible to organize a special lunch with the shepherds, based on typical Sardinian dishes prepared for us in the woods by a shepherd friend.

Day 3: enduro tour on The Supramonte of Orgosolo, once populated by bandits and outlaw.
The Supramonte of Orgosolo, once populated by bandits and outlaw.
Logistics Info: 

The tour will be based on the famous village of Orgosolo, 20 km from Nuoro. The nearest ports are those of Olbia (about 110 km 1 hour and 10 by car) and Golfo Aranci (about 125 km). However, Orgosolo can be reached in maximum two hours from all Sardinian ports and airports.

The itineraries will be of the "flower" type, this means that every morning the group leaves Orgosolo and in the evening it returns to Orgosolo, allowing it to hold the same accommodation for all the days of the tour.

For those coming by ship, it is possible to arrive in Sardinia directly on the morning of the day of the tour and leave again on the evening of the third day of the tour.

Thanks to our agreements with the shipping companies we can give you access to good discounts on the purchase of ship tickets.

Tour Price: 

Tour Price € 400,00 per rider

The price includes:

  • 3 days riding with expert local guide (2 guides for groups of over 7 people)
  • 2 nights accommodation (in double room) in a beautiful farmhouse surrounded by nature
  • 2 dinners based on typical Sardinian dishes
  • 2 breakfasts
  • Motorcycle recovery with pick-up in case of damage;
  • Welcom Kit and Welcome Gadget;

The price does not include:

  • Lunches
  • Motorcycle fuel
  • Enduro Bike Rental;
  • Extra alcoholic beverages and everything not served at the table during dinner
  • Single room (€ 25.00 per night supplement)
  • All that is not reported in the item "the price includes"

The price is valid for a minimum group of 5 riders. If the number of riders is less than 5, the price increases a little.

Reservations could be confirmed within 60 days of the tour start date.

Services not included can be added to your tour, paying the additional cost.

If the tour formula proposed by us does not meet your needs or you want to make changes to the program, request a personalized tour, it has no additional costs.

Request information and book

Contact us for further information or for a free quote. Fill in the form and click “Submit”.

Add other details to your enquiry like number of participants and the dates on which you would like to do the tour, or if you have any other special requirements.

Necessary equipment

Motorbikes used on the tour must be one-cylinder Enduro motorbikes with knobby tyres. You can rent an Enduro motorbike in Sardinia. .

To be prepared for the tour, each driver should have the following equipment:

  • A tyre mousse, or a heavy duty inner tube and all the necessary repair equipment;
  • A rucksack or belt bag and a bottle of water;
  • Equipment for simple repairs, spare levers, cable ties, pliers and screwdrivers;
Necessary equipment for Enduro Tours in Sardinia

Accommodation and meals

Accomodation during Enduro Tours in Sardinia

In addition to an Enduro guide we can also take care of your accommodation and meals, creating an “All-inclusive” tour.

We can book an affiliated hotel or Bed and Breakfast that is convenient and best suits your needs.

Half way though the route you will have lunch with our guide, and after lunch you will resume the route. You can bring along a packed lunch or our guide can recommend some nearby restaurants.

You can eat dinner in your hotel or bed and breakfast, or in nearby pizzerias, restaurants, “Agriturismi”.

Other Enduro Tours

We offer a wide variety of tours, different for duration and difficulty level.

Due to ideal climatic conditions in Sardinia, all tours are available all year round.

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