Our goal when organizing the tours: Enduro, fun, hospitality

Our main goal is to organise personalised Enduro Tours suitable for all riders, from panoramic tour lovers to Hard Enduro lovers. With our help, we will put together a tour, organising each day to suit your needs. The starting point of the Tours is Orgosolo (NU), a town in the heart of Sardinia, where we are spoilt for choice when it comes to routes.

With us, you will have the chance to explore the untouched central area of Sardinia, do healthy Enduro and have fun with friends. You will also be able to train during the pre-championship period, while in other regions it is too cold to be able to use Enduro Motorbikes.

How we organise your Tour

Each tour is usually personalised depending on the number of participants and their needs. We follow the following steps to finalise all details of your tour:

Organization Sardinia Enduro Tours
  1. Contact us: you can contact us by e-mail with your detailed enquiry, including dates and duration of the tour, number of people and the type of route you would like to do (or if you have chosen one of the packages on our website, please include the name of the package);
  2. Tour: we will prepare a tour for you which will include a price quote and accommodation during your stay in Sardinia;
  3. Confirmation: once you confirm your booking, you will have to pay a 20% deposit to secure accommodation and tour guides;
  4. Arrival: we will give you all the information you need to get here, and if you should need to rent a motorbike, we will get in touch with rental services and have your motorbike waiting for you when you get here. Before you travel, you must read and accept our regulations.

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Our Enduro Tours

Barbagia Enduro Tour Sardinia Orgosolo
Difficulty: Medium-Easy
Enduro Dirtbike Tour Weekend in Sardinia
Difficulty: Medium-Easy