Enduro Tours Regulations

The following rules form Tour Enduro Sardegna’s Tour regulations. Before each tour, the regulations must be signed and approved by each participant. The rules need to be studied and memorised.

  • The association Tour Enduro Sardegna (from now on referred to as “the organiser”) is not liable for any damage/accident to people, animals, vehicles or objects;
  • The Enduro motorbikes used during the tour must follow the highway code; the driver (the person driving) shall assume full responsibility for their vehicle and for possible damages caused by misuse of the vehicle;
  • The organiser is not liable for possible damages to other vehicles caused by a driver; each driver is fully aware of the risks and is responsible for possible damages;
  • Drivers participating in the Tour must wear the necessary protective equipment to ensure an adequate level of safety in case of a fall or an accident. The mandatory equipment is as follows:
    • Enduro/Cross helmet;
    • Enduro/cross mask (goggles);
    • Complete armour;
    • Kneepads;
    • Enduro/Cross boots;
    • Enduro/ Cross gloves, trousers and top.
  • Drivers participating in the tour are responsible for possible damages or malfunctioning of their vehicles, and must be equipped with the necessary tool kit to carry out on site repairs where possible, and equipment for towing and moving the vehicle when it can’t be repaired.
  • Roadside assistance is called when the motorbike can’t be repaired on site, and damages are irreparable.  Roadside assistance is guaranteed exclusively on paths and roads that can be reached by a pick-up vehicle; if the damaged vehicle is in an inaccessible place, it must be pushed to the closest recovery point. If the cost of assistance is not included in the tour, it must be paid for separately.
  • The routes follow dirt roads, trails, bridle paths, dry riverbeds, tarmac roads and go through towns. Many of these roads are open to traffic, so the driver must proceed according to the speed limits established by law and must drive on the right side of the road.
  • Any use of GPS to record the route is forbidden.  Drivers using a GPS will be excluded immediately from the tour.
  • By handing in the registration form, drivers agree to not take legal action against “ASD Tour Enduro Sardegna”, Patrons, chairmen, members, collaborators, organisers, deputies, and all those included in the organisation of the tour, for accidents or damages to objects or people during the event.
  • Any violations, assessed by the above provisions, will result in immediate exclusion from the event. Any behaviour that is considered inappropriate for the event’s good performance and image, will be penalised by exclusion from the event.

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