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Maxi Enduro Tours Sardinia

Riding your maxi enduro we will guide you on the best dirt roads and trails in the heart of Sardinia, exploring the area of Barbagia, along the best trails from Supramonte and Gennargentu to the crystalline sea of the east coast up to the rocky cliffs of the west coast, alternating off-road sections with on-road stretches.

Maxi Enduro Tours for everyone

Our maxi enduro tours offer different levels of difficulty to guarantee absolute fun and safety for all types of riders, from beginners to experts.

In the easy level tours, the panoramic and guided dirt roads will often make space on the asphalt of the mountain roads, with an eye to the breaks in the most beautiful and spectacular points. In the "enduro" level tours we try to limit the presence of the asphalt to the minimum and we sometimes foresee challenging passages (for our beasts).

Each route follows the most beautiful and scenic roads, the hidden and inaccessible roads that only the "locals" know, to ensure that each tour leaves on the mouth of each participant the true taste of Sardinia.

Maxi Enduro Sardinia Easy Tour